Couples Tantric Massage,

Massage Lifestyle Weekends, New England, North Carolina

Who we are....

We are Paul & Emily and Raine, a married couple and a single woman. We are health care professionals and all three have seen the value of massage and Tantric Yoga for improved relationships harmoney and sexual pleasure.

Paul & Emily both teach at a North Carolina university. They believe that erotic and sensual pleasure is a key component in a healthy marriage. They have enjoyed erotic and sensual pleasure with other couples for about 20 years. They have enjoyed anonymous erotic play at parties, but have particularly enjoyed couples where the friendship has continued over many years. This has included simulating conversation, nude recreation, travel, massage, swimming, hiking and dinning out.

Raine has many years of massage training and practice. She has extensive trainng in Tantric massage. She is passionate about open sexual communication and sees it as a path to healing. Living in the Raleigh, NC area, she has a casual style and approach to learning about the erotic energy that lies within us all.

Our events do not provide massage therapy. We do not provide instruction in massage therapy. We do not provide treatment for behavioral health or mental health care. We do not provide treatment for medical or physical health care.