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This page has a collection of our favorite massage and erotic web sites. This page is not intended as a comprehensive review of all erotic links. It rather selects the ones we have found most enjoyable. A banner exchange section is added at the end of this page.

Erotic & Sensual Massage

The Alexander Institute-Loving Sex
"Instructional and erotic programs & DVD for lovers who desire incredible sex" is the headline on The Alexander Institute's website and we very much agree. The site includes excellent DVD about erotic massage.
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Society For Human Sexuality

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Everything you ever wanted to know about erotic massage can be found at this link. That is, with the big exception of where to get one. This guide teaches how to give and receive erotic massage. It discusses how to help your partner relax, and discusses how to help your partner experience extended or multiple orgasms as part of your massage. A common arrangement is for one partner to receive a massage first, and then to return the favor, but of course how you choose to arrange this is up to you and your partner. Here is the opening introductory paragraph.

“It's best to perform erotic massage while your partner is lying on a massage table of some kind. After preparing your space to be warm and pleasing, you can start with a sensual and relaxing general massage before shifting the focus to your partner's sex centers. The idea is to bring your partner to high levels of arousal, and keep him or her there for a while. For men, this is best done through verbal or non-verbal communication which allows stimulation to be slowed down, changed, or stopped before ejaculation becomes inevitable (stimulation then continues in a few moments, after the urgency fades). For women, this is best done by using G-Spot and/or clitoral massage to bring her to multiple orgasms, which naturally tend to take place over an extended period of time."

Holistic Wisdom. Inc.

Holistic Wisdom, Inc.™ provide sexual and holistic health products, resources and information with sincerity and humility. The name means to look at the "whole" person beyond just the physical aspects to provide helpful resources for your mind, body & spirit. We have found this to be one of the best sites for sexual information and erotic products. Moreover, it has many web pages on massage techniques and erotic massage. An example is a full web page dedicated to "how to give a hand-job." Go to the site and search for massage information using their search field.

Oral Caress & Educational Sites of Robert W. Birch, Ph.D oralcaress_title Dr. Birch.jpg  - 5255 Bytes
A large site hosted by a retired sex therapist, offering sexuality information, education, resources, and advice in ways both clinical and erotic. Learn about oral sex, managing premature ejaculation, female orgasm & sexuality, freedom of sexual expression, and alternative lifestyles. This site has much information and resources about massage. A second site that has much sexual health care information is

Sex in Film & other Sex in Art sites

Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews

This is an excellent site that tracts all or most professional film reviews


Still the best site for movie rentals and movie reviews. The site has many lists of erotic films from viewers. If you search on any known erotic film (i.e., "The Story of O"),a lists of similar erotic films will be offered.

Sex in Cinema:The Greatest and Most Influential Erotic / Sexual Films and Scenes

This site http: // currently has 51(and counting) web pages that lists films with important sex scenes. The films are listed in order of dates released staring in 1922 to 2007. An excellent resources for sex in films.

Comstock Films

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We have reviewed Comstock Films in our blog These are excellent and highly erotic films. The films follow a couple in an extended interview about how their relationship works. These are real couples with real sex. We are then treated with the pleasure of watching the couple make love. This is real love.


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Cleansheets is an excellent site for erotic fiction, poetry and other writings.

Nude Vacations

Castaways Travel

Castaways Travel

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Castaways Travel is a leading travel company specializing in Clothing Optional and Nude travel opportunities.

Castaways Travel is the sponsor of a clothes optional Europe river cruise. Emily and I and a number of our friends have signed up. Here's the promotion, "The clothing optional cruise is for adult couples only July 20-27, 2008 Summertime in Europe Castaways Travel has chartered the entire Viking EUROPE, your very own private European river cruise ship almost 400 feet long with 75 luxury cabins for a summertime Clothing Optional cruise down the majestic Danube River next your birthday suit. Escorted by James & Champagne, the cruise is for Adult Couples Only by request from many of you. Enjoy an all over tan on the spacious sun deck of the Viking EUROPE luxury river vessel and take your taste buds on vacation for terrific European cuisine. Sail for a week next summer in 2008 from Budapest, to Vienna to Nuremberg with stops at quaint Austrian and German villages along the way for daily shore excursions and delicious gourmet European dining served by the English speaking staff on board. Special theme nights are planned plus some surprises along the way.....pick your favorite European character from history for your costume! Cabins start at $2,199/person, double occupancy (airfare extra). Cabin fare includes your luxury river view stateroom, all gourmet meals on board, Captain's cocktail party, gourmet dining highlights, port fees, clothing optional sun deck, shore excursions (included daily) with English speaking guides plus lots more. Airfare, tax, tips extra. For shore excursions and dining on board, clothing is required.Add on traditional trips to Cap d'Agde France, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, Rome, London or Munich before or after the cruise. Official website of this Couples Only cruise: Sign up and see the complete details at

Paradise Lakes

Paradise Lakes is a "five star" clothes-optional resort located seven miles north of Tampa, Florida. It is @150 acres resort located on a small lake. The resort contains five swimming pools, two hot tubs, lighted tennis courts, volley ball, daily scheduled activities, dances every evening, boating, a full menu restaurant, spa, beauty shop, state of the art health club, and more.. Public display of sexual conduct is not accepted. However, the evening dances and entertainment are very adult. As owners and frequent visitors, we enjoy the atmosphere very much. During the day the accepted attire is nudity or casual dress if weather is inclement. At the evening dances, the accepted attire is sexy lingerie or nudity, although a few participants wear street clothes.

Toys, Vibrators, Erotic wed sites and the like


This is one of my favorite sites. It caters to people from England, America and Australia. It originates in Australia. At any time (and remember we are dealing with time zones throughout the world) there are 15-30 women, 150-300 men and 5-25 couples who are video cam conferences. Here you will find women taking a 30 min. “masturbation” break, couples making love, many men who all we see is their penises (putting their best face forward?) and much much more. Here you can chat with a couple and then go into a private “electronic” room and watch each other make love. However, most couples seem to simply enjoy making love knowing that they have a large viewing audience. Remember late afternoon in America is bedtime in England so there always seems to be sexual action. For a fee you can upgrade to a silver or gold status and watch 9 couples- individuals on your computer, chatting, making love etc. at the same time.

Good Vibrations

This is a San Francisco sex toy institution. Good Vibes website has a current schedule of in-store events (Berkeley and San Fran), regular columns and contests, the antique vibrator museum, and other entertaining and informative tidbits. The store has illustrations and good text descriptions of items. The online shopping application is easy to use; ordering is via secure online form, or of course by mail, fax or phone if you'd rather. The store has a wealth of products, dildos, vibes, harnesses, lubes and safer sex supplies and also books and videos.

National Association of Swing Clubs

NASCA web site has an extensive list of swing clubs by state. NASCA is not a swing club and does not offer swing activities, which are the province of the swing clubs, publications and organizations that NASCA represents. NASCA's function is to promote swinging as an enjoyable social recreation and lifestyle, provide information on swinging, clubs, magazines, conventions, travel and events to members, and to assist swing organizations to succeed through education and knowledge. The Association holds annual NASCON (NASCA Conference) for swing leaders and couples.

The Swingers Board

There are 100's of swinging sites. This site contains information on swinging, partner swapping and other alternative lifestyles. The site contains personal ads, swinging stories, message board, club listings, shopping, pictures, swinging advice, dictionary, chat room, event calendar, links and more. The swinging advice section is the best one location we have seen that covers basic information about the lifestyle with many practical suggestions about “do’s and don'ts.”

Liberated Christian Web Site

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Yes, Martha, there is a site for Christians in the swinging lifestyle. The Liberated Christian group "promotes positive intimacy and sexuality including responsible non monogamy or polyamory as a legitimate CHOICE for Christians and others, and exposes false traditions of sexual repression that have no biblical basis." The site is actually good. There is much information about sexuality, Christian theology, intimacy & other-centered, loving sexuality for all regardless of religious belief. It is especially a good site for Christians overcoming traditional anti-sex theology that has no biblical basis.


A special friend of the couples massage events is the author of this web site. It is full of information related to the lifestyle and related issues. The author is a Clinical Sexologist/ Psychologist and Sex Therapist.

Banner Exchanges

The following are banner exchanges from various groups. We have not investigated all of the following sites. Some sites we have visited and other sites we have not visited. So, as with your personal hygiene , be cautious, use spyware software and use a virus protection program.

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Adults only all inclusive wonderful food and unlimited cocktails. Clothing-Optional Vacations. Low cost leaders in nude, lifestyle, gay, lesbian, bi travel and general travel.

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Dating for all lifestyles


Your Lifestyle Resource


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