Couples Tantric Massage,

Massage Events, New England & North Carolina

An invitation to couples and single women to learn Tantric and erotic massage structured to improve intimacy and sexual enjoyment in your relationship


An invitation to couples and single women to attend massage events and gatherings


Basics of Our Tantric Events

The general elements of tantric massage or tantric sex, as we understand them, are:

" Focus on pleasure rather than orgasm. Welcome an orgasm but do not have it as a goal.

" Honor the body and sexuality as sacred.

" As with all yoga, start and end with deep breaths and focus on your breaths.

" One person is generally the active giver of massage and sensual touch while the other person is the receiver.

" Massage includes hands to genitals, but massage also includes all of one's other body parts (feet, legs, butt, chest, face, hair, mouth) providing pleasurable touch.

" Erotic touch includes all forms of touching and includes but does not emphasizes penetration.

Our events are for people interested in tantric massage, tantric touch, erotic exploration, sexual healing or sensual enjoyment. Our events usually include committed couples that desire a deeper sensual and sexual experience but occasionally also include singles. People who like our events are ones who enjoy watching and learning about the sensual pleasures of others. It is also for people who enjoy showing and telling about their erotic pleasures.

Our events can include virtual-remote self-learning, viewing professional and amateur videos, adding content to a member's only web site, weekend workshops and travel events.

We are a couple in an open and non-monogamous relationship. We have our profile with pictures on the Swing Lifestyle (SLS) web site, massagecpl48. However, our events are not aimed towards swinging but rather towards enhancing the sensual pleasures of participants.

Introduction to Tantric by Viewing Videos & E-mails

We have found it helpful to require couples to view a selection of educational and erotic videos prior to attending an event. We ask that couples view the videos together, practice some of the techniques and then share their experience with us. This in fact, is very similar to what happens at our events. There is no charge for this introduction.

The Events

Our events combine a Tantric workshop and a lifestyle merrymaking gathering. The Tantric workshop is designed to improve intimacy and sexual enjoyment with your significant partner. The lifestyle gathering is a fun time of massage, boating, hot tubs, food and playroom. Both events encourages new friendships. Couples and single women can attend both events or just a single event. Invitation to events is reserved for those who viewed videos, practiced Tantric - erotic massage and contributed content to our "members only" education site.

The mailing list

Couples and single women who are interested in attending one of our events must be members of our massage mailing list. Write us at and request to be added to our mailings. We will send you a brief confidentiality statement. You must reply with "AGREE". You will then receive email mailings with information about all our events.

We also ask that all mailing list members open a "free" membership on Swing Lifestyle (SLS) web site that contains your profile. To open a membership on this site does not obligate you to be a "swinger" or have sexual play with others. However, this is an easy method to anonymously list "profiles" with optional pictures of people planning to attend massage events. Please send us your SLS Logon name once your membership is opened. The SLS web site is . We also sponsor a massage "group" on the SLS site that lists all upcoming events.

What we do not provide

Our events do not provide massage therapy. We do not provide instruction in massage therapy. We do not provide treatment for behavioral health or mental health care. We do not provide treatment for medical or physical health care.


Do you have any questions? E-mail them to We will try to answer them.

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